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Parenting Planning & Parenting Advice and Tips - Bachay.com

Bachy.com is one of the innovative products developed by Pixcile Technologies. Our expert designers and developers worked day and night to convert the idea of simplifying parenting into existence. Bachy.com is a diverse website with multiple functionalities that can help parents raise a healthy and active kid; not only this, but the website has an e-commerce store having a mother and baby care products. The multi-functional platform tracks mother and baby health as well. This is something that has never developed before.

About The Project

A Few Words About Trenning

Bachy.com was created to make parenting a cup of tea; thus, our extensive research led to an end to introducing multiple functionalities within the single platform and making it available for every parent-to-be out there. It covers everything a responsible parent needs to know. It is a multi-functional platform with multiple features that aim to bring and nurture healthy children.

Main Features

  • Pregnancy tools
  • Growth tracker
  • Baby Names
  • Community Articles
  • Vaccination tracker

User Roles

This multi-functional platform tracks the health status of the mother and baby during pregnancy and afterward. Our expert developers ensured to embed it with advanced technology, including a kick tracker, vaccination tracker, health status for baby and mother, and most importantly, a growth tracker.

We Did This Process

Bachay.com Features

Bachy.com is a project that can only be done with great care and devotion. Thus, our experts took charge of it. Despite the advancement in technology to many folds, we see no website offers a complete solution as we do. Extensive research came to an end that built a platform with a collection of advanced features that no one had seen or heard of before.

Website Showcase

Product Page

Bachy.com has a giant e-commerce store with various products for infants, toddlers, and teenagers that support their growth, become their best friends and make their infancy and childhood memories. With the variety of categories and sub-categories, we've turned an e-commerce store into a small mart specific to children.

Pregnancy Tools

Introducing Bachy.com with advanced pregnancy tools. It is embedded with splendid technology. This is your pregnancy assistant. Discover helpful information, tips, pregnancy care, medicine reminders, and a baby kick tracker. We have assembled every valuable thing into a single platform.

Vaccinations Tracker

Do you miss important dates? Leave the baby's vaccination date on the website. Bachy.com has a robust framework that keeps track of baby vaccination. This reminds parents that the vaccination date is approaching, and they've to mark whether the vaccination is done.

Community Articles

Inexperienced parents-to-be must have many questions, but don't worry because bachy.com has a community section where the professional community is ready to answer their queries in no time. This comes with a platform where people share their experiences with cute baby pictures, and you will love it!

Baby Names

Need help with choosing a name for your baby? Ah, Pass the buck to Bachy.com. We have a list of beautiful names with beautiful meanings. Check out the list and pick the one that suits your baby's cuteness.

Medicine Reminders

Bachy.com cares for you more than your loved ones. You will always receive an on-time medicine update with this website. Visit the website and explore the astounding features of the website.

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