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Our Services

Pixcile technologies have played its part responsibly in the digitalization of the world.

Our Services

Pixcile technologies have played its part responsibly in the digitalization of the world. We have proudly given our products to several businesses from startups to enormous firms. Our clients have always been our topmost priority. The secure, digitally powerful and smooth technology solutions of Pixcile Technologies have set a new benchmark in the field of technology and have raised the bar higher in terms of reliability and quality. As a full-service agency, our digital solutions cover everything from market opinion research, statistical study, census, and marketing-research investigation to brand and character, publicizing and communications, web plan and content development to social media.


Our websites are being used by more than 500 businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations we’ve made for corporate introduction and brand building. Keeping side by side with the advancing web innovations, we have been persistently forming our services to meet the developing request for quick, secure and unorthodox websites. Having an amazing site implies more than having one that looks great. The involvement your guests and imminent clients have together with your business depends on their ability together with your site.


The presence of your business’s web is pivotal; get started to acquire your web assets and build with excellent designs and functionality.

Our in-house web developers work together to develop your website in a way that not only ranks highly in search engine results but also genuinely delivers the best possible experience to your users. The vision of our experts is to boost your business’s performance and give your clients the best online experience. We work on all types of web-based software with professional design, interactive features, uniqueness and we continuously support clients to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.

Mobile Application

Mobile application development is the method of making software applications that run on a portable gadget, and an ordinary versatile application utilizes an organised association to work with further computing assets. Subsequently, the mobile development process includes making installable program bundles, executing backend administrations such as information get to with an API, and testing the application on target gadgets. There are two prevailing companies within the cutting edge smartphone showcase. One is the iOS from Apple Inc. The iOS platform is the working framework that powers Apple's well-known line of iPhone smartphones. On the other hand is Android from Google.

Web Application

Web app development enables web-based ventures to perform and act essentially to a versatile extent. Web applications lock in clients, prioritizing responsive intelligent, but are still conveyed through the web over a network. Web app improvement is more or less another cool version of web development. Web advancement is why you’re on this amazing web page, but web app advancement is how all this got composed within the to begin with put. Our team performs several tests on web apps such as security, performance, load, stress, Accessibility, usability and quality assurance tests. Most program ventures have Web parts such as a Web Application with a client interface, a Cloud-Based Server.


A blend of colours, intelligence, art and a minimalistic approach to keep things easy for the users is what we focus on. Our simplistic design approach not only attracts visitors but also saves time with our easy navigation strategy. We plan differently to design each website and our design strategy is built on the dynamics of the target audience and the current trends. Well managed content and a responsive design make your website an ultimate automated lead generator. Easily maintainable with an extra protective cyber layer make your website one of its kind. The ultra-modern vision and years of experience gather up as a team to build the website that would represent your business globally.


From financials to supply chain to Human Resource activities we provide you with the best solution for your business needs. Our ERP solution is developed in a way that it helps large scale businesses as well as startups. We have helped several businesses in different industries all over the world to automate their businesses and get it going, then it may be a supply chain or manufacturing business, our solution covers all of them. It permits our clients to mechanize time-consuming day to day errands. Rather than losing time each day completing tedious needs or running reports from different frameworks, you'll center more of your time on your individuals and your most squeezing trade needs.


Today’s internet is far different from the internet ten years ago. People on the internet today are ready to consume fresh content rather than experiencing the advertisement in the same old conventional ways. People spend most of the time with their cell phones and are being connected digital. This is the best chance to take over the digital market and influence the the world with your groundbreaking products. We have helped several startups to become one of the most top leading brands. Our Digital marketing solutions team has created a whole community that is waiting for your product.


E-commerce has become one of the most trending businesses in the whole world, specially after the pendamic people prefer to shop, connect and explore everything digitally. Brands like amazon have made life easier and more fast paced. In this fast paced world of technology what your product or business is waiting for is a capable E-commerce solution that helps you throughout from the starting phase to the time when your sales go higher.You don't need any tech skills because our E-commerce solution is designed to give you all the intruments you need to go big and become a people’s brand.

Us ?

We are a one-stop solution providing custom software services for you to stand out in the digital world. Pixcile is based on innovation, creativity and knowledge and we seek to help our clients from around the globe, to make distinctive improvements.

Our vision is to provide the world with the best software development and IT services. Our team becomes your helping hand and untangles complex issues that usually emerge during the digital evolution journey.

Since 2011 we have been a visionary and a reliable partner for many world-class brands. Trust our creative artists to build systematic and functional digital products solving major issues.

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